General Contracting

Delivered under a stipulated sum or cost-reimbursable contract, the design-bid-build process is the most commonly used method of project delivery, especially within the public sector, where work is granted based on a competitive bidding process.

The client will use the expertise of an architect or engineer to design the project and to create the drawings and specifications. After the drawings are completed they can be issued for pricing.  The client will then choose the general contractor for the job – either selecting one contractor or employing a competitive bid process.


Experienced clients with the resources required to independently contract an architect, engineers, and general contractor will benefit the most from utilizing this method. Such clients are able to maintain greater control while also having the advantage of dealing with less risk.

Once the design is complete but before construction begins, BMI, as the general contractor, provides an established price. Once the project is executed, BMI will be responsible for all costs over the agreed upon price, based on the project’s precise scope and budget.